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Raising awareness of both existing and emerging foreign and security policy challenges facing the European Union, EUISS Briefs provide key information in a concise, focused format.

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    18May 2021
    This implementation of the peace agreement that was signed between the Colombian government and the rebel FARC movement in 2016 faces a variety of challenges. This Brief examines the current state of play and explores how the EU can support the implementation process and reconciliation efforts in the country.
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    21April 2021
    Since Islamic State lost its territory in Iraq and Syria, it has adapted its future script according to its circumstances. This Brief explores how the organisation invests in and manipulates an end-of-times narrative that exerts strong appeal for its followers, and will influence its next steps.
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    15April 2021
    This Brief outlines the major space threats and makes concrete suggestions on how space can support the EU's Strategic Compass.
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    08April 2021
    This Brief analyses to what extent the Russian-brokered ceasefire agreement of November 2020 has created the basis for a lasting settlement in Nagorno-Karabakh. The deployment of Russian troops in the region may lead to a new ‘freezing’ of the conflict resolution process, instead of politically resolving the conflict itself.
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    31March 2021
    The third in our series of Briefs on this theme looks at the role of foresight in policymaking in the United States.
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    30March 2021
    This Brief examines the oil-conflict nexus and analyses the effects of the recent pandemic-induced oil price shock on three vulnerable, conflict-affected countries.
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    11March 2021
    The second in our series of Foresight Briefs shows how the function of strategic foresight has not been conceptualised in China to the same degree as in the West. However, the notions of disruptive ‘black swan’ and ‘grey rhino’ events have gained currency among Chinese analysts in recent years.
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    19February 2021
    The use of digital technologies in intra-state conflicts has become more frequent. This Brief sheds light on some of the risks associated with their use and how these can negatively impact mediation or negotiation efforts in civil conflicts, and examines how peacemakers might address them.
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    09February 2021
    Early warning systems (EWS) are at the heart of conflict prevention strategies. This Brief argues that the gap between early warning and early action persists because of challenges in transforming early warning policy recommendations into early response.
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    01February 2021
    This Brief explores Armenia’s Russia policy after the 2018 Velvet Revolution in the light of the country’s defeat in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, resulting in a larger regional role for Turkey, which has exacerbated Armenia’s security dilemma.