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Analyst Team

The Institute’s team of analysts is made up of up to nine resident Senior Analysts. They must be nationals of an EU member state and they spend from three to five years at the Institute.

Deputy Director
Middle East and North Africa, security sector reform, military forces, strategic foresight
Associate Analyst
Transatlantic Relations and EU-NATO affairs
Senior Analyst
China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, India and ASEAN
Senior Analyst
Sub-Saharan Africa, conflict prevention and peacebuilding, integrated approach, civilian CSDP
Security and Defence Editor
European defence, CSDP, EDTIB, defence industries, defence innovation, hybrid threats
Senior Analyst
Transnational security, foreign interference, disinformation, hybrid threats, election security, resilience
Brussels Executive Officer
Cybersecurity, cyber diplomacy and capacity building
Associate Analyst
Environmental security
Senior Analyst
EU-Russia relations, Russia’s foreign and security policy, Eastern Partnership (EaP) states