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Security and defence

The Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) is an integral part of EU foreign policy. Through its military operations and civilian missions, the EU has contributed to regional and global stability. Since it's inception, the CSDP has responded to a shifting regional security context. It has played a vital role in crisis management in the EU's near and wider neighbourhood but it is also an essential part of the EU's broader approach to the protection of Europe and capacity building.

Although the Lisbon Treaty consolidated the EU's crisis management apparatus, the EU Global Strategy has set a new level of ambition for EU defence. In addition to the CSDP playing an operational role in the EU's integrated approach to crises, the EU Global Strategy has stressed the need for the EU to become a more capable and effective defence actor. Initiatives such as the European Defence Fund, the coordinated annual defence review (CARD) and more coherent financing for EU operations and capacity building efforts are all aimed at supporting the EU's strategic autonomy and the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base. The EUISS continues to support the development of CSDP through outreach activities and expert publications.






  • 24February 2021

    With the support of the EUISS, the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU organised an exclusive expert webinar for approximately 100 EU member state representatives, EU officials and academics on 24 February 2021. The webinar focused specifically on the evolution of threats in relation to disinformation and critical infrastructure.

  • Photo of a compass together with images of participating speakers at the conference
    19February 2021

    The EUISS and the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU co-organised a high-level conference on the EU Strategic Compass on security and defence on 19 February 2021

  • 05January 2021

    On 5 January 2021, Daniel Fiott was invited to make a presentation on the EU and maritime security challenges to an informal meeting of members of the Friends of the Presidency Group on the EU Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS).

  • A compass
    18December 2020

    Working closely with DGRIS at the French Ministry of Armed Forces, past, present and future Presidencies of the Council of the EU and the European External Action Service, this virtual seminar brought together approximately 50 senior decision-makers and think tank representatives for an in-depth discussion on the Strategic Compass. 

  • 14December 2020

    From 14-18 December 2020, multiple EUISS analysts contributed to the fourth module of the 15th High-Level Course on the Common Security and Defence Policy (‘Altiero Spinelli’ promotion).

  • HRVP
    11December 2020

    The EUISS and the EEAS co-organised a public online conference focusing on the impact of climate change on EU security and defence.

  • 07December 2020

    Presenting his ideas on defence capability development to EU member state representatives, Daniel Fiott joined a vitual workshop.

  • 02December 2020

    Joined by a host of experts from the EU, NATO, industry and academia, Daniel Fiott took part in a webinar organised by the EU Military Staff and the Sofia Security Forum. The webinar sought to delineate the EU’s position on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and defence. Following high-level reflections, Fiott focused on the hype surrounding emerging defence technologies before then outlining the possible applications of AI for defence in the near and medium term.

  • 30November 2020

    On 30 November 2020, Daniel Fiott delivered a panel presentation at the second annual cyber power symposium on hybrid warfare, which was organised online by the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats. This second symposium, organised under the guidance of the Community of Interest on Strategy and Defence, focused on actor analysis, power depiction capabilities and offensive/defensive players in the cyber field.

  • 30November 2020

    On 30 November 2020, Daniel Fiott was invited to deliver a presentation on EU strategic autonomy and space to the European Parliament’s sub-Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE). Fiott outlined the conclusions of a study he had prepared that calls for the Union to focus on greater space exploration, investment in the space sector and a coherent space-defence strategy. The online presentation in front of parliamentarians was followed by a discussion with representatives from industry and the European Commission.