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Transnational challenges

There is a growing overlap between the EU’s internal and external security problems. Terrorism, organised crime and unregulated migration not only pose a threat to European internal security, but also have a serious impact on the stability of Europe’s immediate neighbourhood. Very often, they find their roots in conflicts and instability further abroad in Africa or Asia.

For some time, the European Union has been active in international debates on the governance of these challenges, and has created new policy instruments of its own. Already in the early 1990s, the EU successfully linked its home-affairs priorities with its Common Foreign and Security Policy. The 2015 migration crisis showed the limits of that approach, and has sparked a new wave of reforms.






  • Image of two individuals on a panel engaged in discussion © EUISS
    18January 2024

    On 18 January, the EUISS organised a fireside chat with Tony Agotha, the EU Special Envoy for Climate and Environment Diplomacy.

  • Image of roundtable discussion with participants © EUISS
    08June 2023

    On 08 June, EU Cyber Direct, the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU, and the European External Action Service invited members of the EU’s Horizontal Working Party on Cyber Issues, Legal Experts, and officials to a workshop on EU cyber diplomacy and international law.

  • © EUISS
    17May 2023

    On 17 May, the EUISS and the European Policy Centre organised a roundtable focusing on EU-NATO cooperation on countering hybrid threats in the Western Balkans.

  • Panel members on a stage with background displaying the theme of the seminar ©EUISS
    24April 2023

    The EUISS and the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU organised a seminar discussing the implications of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence for EU Member States, associated industry and key EU strategic partners.

  • Image of power station © Unsplash
    21April 2023

    On 21 April, Yana Popkostova moderated and took part in a panel discussion on the consequences of using energy as a weapon. 

  • Panel members sitting at tables with microphones
    14March 2023

    Dr Kovalčíková participated to a panel discussion organised by IDIS, taking stock of public support for Ukraine across the EU and the US.

  • Image of participants - © EUISS
    23February 2023

    On 23 February, the EUISS organised a roundtable to share insights and knowledge on the prospective impact of greater transatlantic cooperation to counter hybrid threats in the Western Balkans. 

  • Image of panel - © EUISS
    03February 2023

    On 3 February, the EUISS, the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative – EU Cyber Direct co-organised a session to discuss ways to advance the EU's cyber posture. 

  • Gas pipes - © Unsplash
    25January 2023

    On 25 January, Yana Popkostova spoke at a webinar that sought to examine how the EU and its Member States can best deal with the challenges of energy security following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

  • Board with "Welcome" written on it. Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash
    19January 2023

    The Institute is glad to welcome Dr. Salvi as the new Senior Analyst in charge of the cyber and digital portfolio.