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Rossella Marangio

Dr Rossella Marangio joined the EUISS as a Senior Analyst in September 2023 where she focuses on EU-Africa relations, including relations with regional and sub-regional organisations, EU strategic engagement towards Africa, the humanitarian-development-peace nexus and the role of civilian CSDP missions.

Before joining the EUISS, she worked as a civil servant in several postings in Africa, including EU Delegations, CSDP and UN missions. Before civil servant roles, she conducted extensive research in the Horn of Africa, and cooperated with several think tanks and international institutions, particularly concerning the role of international and regional organisations in peacebuilding, and the cooperation among the EU, the AU and the UN. 

Dr Marangio holds a PhD from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and MA degrees from the College of Europe and the University of Trieste.