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Jan Joel Andersson

Dr Jan Joel Andersson is a Senior Analyst at the EU Institute for Security Studies, where he heads the analysis of security and defence, including CSDP, Capability Development, Defence Industry and Technology and Innovation issues.

Between 2017-2022, he was a member of the Chief Executive's Policy Office (cabinet) at the European Defence Agency, advising the EDA Chief Executive on strategy and policy, specifically on the EU defence initiatives (CARD, PESCO, EDF), relations with the European Commission and the defence and high-tech industries.

Among his earlier experiences is a previous stint at EUISS (2014-2017), when Jan Joel was a Senior Analyst for Transatlantic Security, NATO and US Politics. He was a member of the Institute’s senior staff supporting the consultation and drafting process of the EU Global Strategy, and a member of the secretariat assisting the “Group of Personalities” in the drafting of their proposal for a Preparatory Action for defence-related research, presented to the Commission in 2016. Starting in June 2017, the Preparatory Action began delivering as the precursor to the European Defence Fund.

Dr Andersson has also worked in the private sector for a world-leading crisis management consultancy and has held faculty appointments at universities and in think tanks in the United States, Sweden, and France. He has published widely on European and transatlantic security and defence, capability development, and defence industry issues. He has been invited to lecture in more than 30 countries around the world. 

Jan Joel was educated at the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy, graduated from Uppsala University in Sweden, and received his MA and PhD in political science from the University of California at Berkeley.