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Ondrej Ditrych

Dr Ondrej Ditrych is a Senior Analyst at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) where he heads the analysis of Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood.

Ondrej’s professional career has been dedicated to research and strategic advice, foresight, and analysis on international security matters for civilian and military decision-makers, bridging the worlds of policy and expertise.

He was previously the head and senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague, a public research institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, and was a visiting scholar at CERI, Sciences Po Paris, a visiting researcher at Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, and a Fulbright research fellow at Belfer Center, Harvard University. He held the position of associate professor of international relations at Charles University in Prague and was a visiting lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and the VU Amsterdam.

Ondrej is the author of a number of policy publications on politics and security of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, hybrid threats, ethnopolitical conflict and revolutionary violence, and foresight and global risks, as well as more than twenty scholarly articles including in journals such as Cooperation and Conflict, Security Dialogue, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists or International Relations and four books, most recently an edited volume Revolutionaries and Global Politics: War Machines from the Bolsheviks to ISIS, published by Edinburgh University Press.

Ondrej received his M.A. in Political Science and Ph.D. in International Relations from Charles University, and an MPhil. in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.