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EU-NATO cooperation on hybrid threats in the Western Balkans

17 May 2023

Hybrid threats have become an integral part of contemporary warfare, as illustrated by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Due to the ambiguous nature of hybrid threats, the EU and NATO have recognised the need to strengthen cooperation and adopt a whole-of-society approach when deterring, detecting, and countering hybrid attacks. The Western Balkans, in particular, are vulnerable to foreign interference and disinformation campaigns.

On 17 May, the EUISS and the European Policy Centre (EPC) organised a roundtable focusing on EU-NATO cooperation on countering hybrid threats in the Western Balkans.

Marie Brethous and Nad’a Kovalčíková presented their latest Brief on the topic. Participants discussed the impact of foreign interference and the EU-NATO role to address the rising hybrid threats in the Western Balkans and in the Eastern neighbourhood as well as the implications of the Ukraine war on the presence and activities of local and foreign threat actors in the region.