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European defence cooperation in time of war

12 June 2023
Image of panel © EUISS

On 12 June, the EUISS and the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) of the French Ministry of Defence co-organised an expert seminar entitled 'European Defence Cooperation in a Time of War'.

The event brought together high-ranking representatives from the French, Czech, and Swedish trio of Presidencies of the Council and from the incoming Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian trio of presidencies as well as representatives from the EEAS, EDA, Commission, the defence industry and from academia and think-tanks.

The discussions centred on the historical shift in European defence cooperation that we have seen over the past year and a half. Topics also included the experiences of the concluding Swedish presidency and the defence priorities for the coming six months of the Spanish presidency, as well as the state of the European defence industry and on European procurement cooperation.