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Security and defence

The Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) is an integral part of EU foreign policy. Through its military operations and civilian missions, the EU has contributed to regional and global stability. Since it's inception, the CSDP has responded to a shifting regional security context. It has played a vital role in crisis management in the EU's near and wider neighbourhood but it is also an essential part of the EU's broader approach to the protection of Europe and capacity building.

Although the Lisbon Treaty consolidated the EU's crisis management apparatus, the EU Global Strategy has set a new level of ambition for EU defence. In addition to the CSDP playing an operational role in the EU's integrated approach to crises, the EU Global Strategy has stressed the need for the EU to become a more capable and effective defence actor. Initiatives such as the European Defence Fund, the coordinated annual defence review (CARD) and more coherent financing for EU operations and capacity building efforts are all aimed at supporting the EU's strategic autonomy and the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base. The EUISS continues to support the development of CSDP through outreach activities and expert publications.


  • 18January 2024
    The EU faces a crucial challenge in 2024: supplying Ukraine and rebuilding its arsenals. While tight budgets impede immediate industry restructuring, the EU's pivotal move could be championing dual-use strategic enablers.
  • 08January 2024

    2023 marked another successful year for the Institute's research. Here we look back at our most popular publications from last year on wide-ranging topics including European defence partnerships, EU strategy towards the Maghreb, and a maps-only volume on the future of AU-EU relations. 

  • 12December 2023

    On 12 December, the EUISS and the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU organised a seminar to discuss both internal and external dimensions of the climate change and defence nexus, and how we can adapt base infrastructure, force employment, and scenario planning for the future. 

  • Image of EUISS analyst Dr Andersson © BR&U
    29November 2023

    On 29 November, the Institute organised a seminar that brought together representatives from EU Member States, EU institutions and various experts from academia, think tanks and industry to discuss the European defence industry.

  • Download Brief
    16November 2023
    Against the backdrop of the biggest rearmament effort in Europe since the 1950s, this Brief examines whether the EU defence industry is as fragmented as is commonly believed. It argues that new EU initiatives should focus on strengthening long-term demand for critical strategic enablers, but also on facilitating competition in defence industrial sectors where possible to promote innovation and cost control.
  • Image of authors presenting Yearbook 2023 © EUISS
    15September 2023

    On 15 September, the EUISS and the Council of the European Union Library co-organised an event presenting the 2023 Yearbook of European Security. 

  • Download document
    02August 2023

    The 2023 Yearbook of European Security provides an overview of events in 2022 that were significant for European security – in particular, inevitably, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

  • Image of roundtable discussion © EUISS
    28June 2023

    On 28 June, the EUISS together with the EU Task Force on Security Sector Reform hosted an expert roundtable on ‘The EU’s Approach to Security Sector Reform Amidst Shifting Geopolitics’.

  • Image of HRVP Borrell © BR&U
    27June 2023

    On 27 June, to mark the 20th anniversary of CSDP missions and operations, the Institute held its annual conference in Brussels to discuss the future of EU security and defence. 

  • Image of panel © EUISS
    12June 2023

    On 12 June, the EUISS and the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) of the French Ministry of Defence co-organised an expert seminar entitled 'European Defence Cooperation in a Time of War'.