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The EU's approach to security Sector Reform amidst shifting geopolitics

28 June 2023
Image of roundtable discussion © EUISS

On 28 June, the EUISS together with the EU Task Force on Security Sector Reform hosted an expert roundtable on ‘The EU’s Approach to Security Sector Reform Amidst Shifting Geopolitics’. 

The new geopolitical realities brought about by the war in Ukraine and its consequences for the security and defence of the EU, its Member States, and partner countries call for a re-evaluation of the EU’s approach to Security Sector Reform (SSR) in contexts of conflict and fragility.

With a view to informing the review of the EU’s SSR Framework, the workshop brought together researchers, academics, and practitioners to reflect on the consequences of these geopolitical dynamics, the EU’s response to them, and what this means for the future of the EU’s approach to SSR.