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Unveiling Türkiye's strategy in MENA & Africa

13 June 2024
Title of the event on Turkish flags backgrounds + photos of speakers © EUISS

Türkiye's global influence is on the rise, fuelled by a potent mix of economic ambitions, popular TV shows, and cutting-edge drone technology. The country’s expansion is undeniable.

Under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ankara is clearly pursuing an ambitious vision in the diplomatic, economic and military spheres.

On 13 June, we held a live discussion on Linkedin to dissect this fascinating trend, focusing on Türkiye's strategic partnerships with the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region, and Africa.

Experts Dalia Ghanem, Rossela Marangio and Pinar Akpinar, deep dived into Türkiye’s presence in and interaction with these regions.

  • Beyond soap operas and drones: we explored the full spectrum of Türkiye's soft power, economic engagement, and the rise of Turkish defence exports in MENA and Africa.
  • Diversifying alliances: experts explained how partnerships with these regions serve a dual purpose for Türkiye - countering isolation and asserting strategic autonomy by distancing itself from the West.
  • The future of regional dynamics: the discussion provided insights on how Türkiye's growing influence can reshape the MENA and African geopolitical landscapes.

The event was based on a recent EUISS Chaillot Paper: Türkiye's cards in the world.

Watch the event on Linkedin