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Rossella Marangio at European Parliament

23 January 2024
Image of EUISS analyst addressing public at Parliamentary hearing © EUISS

On 23 January, Dr Marangio was invited to speak at a joint European Parliament hearing on “The European Union’s Strategy in the Sahel” organised by the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Development and the Sub-Committee on Security and Defence. 

The hearing sought to critically reflect on the EU's policy and approach towards the Sahel from a variety of perspectives including security, local and humanitarian-development-peace nexus. On the latter, Dr Marangio's intervention underscored the importance of strengthening relations with civil society, along with traditional authorities at the early stages of actions for increased inclusion and empowerment. Furthermore, she highlighted the critical role of diplomacy in dealing with de facto authorities in the Sahel as a means to enhance security in the region.

A video recording of the hearing is available to watch here