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EUISS Briefing for COELA delegates

17 June 2024
Image of panellists © EUISS

On 17 June, the Institute hosted a closed-door briefing centred on it's latest Chaillot Paper titled  "Türkiye’s cards in the world: Raising the stakes", for the European Council’s Working Party on Enlargement and Countries Negotiating Accession to the EU (COELA).

The briefing focused on Türkiye’s strategic presence and interaction with two critical regions: the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus. Bojana Zorić, Associate Analyst for the Western Balkans, and Ondrej Ditrych, Senior Analyst for Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood, delivered insightful presentations on Türkiye's geopolitical manoeuvres, influence, and relationships in these areas.

The discussion offered a critical assessment of Ankara’s ambitions and achievements in these regions, aiming to understand its motivations and strategies. It further raised questions about broader geopolitical shifts, the complementarity with other actors present, and potential areas to forge constructive working relationships while addressing existing areas of friction.