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The Institute's 10 year anniversary newsletter No. 36

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In this ISSue: 

Global Trends 2030: Strategic Thinking for an Open Europe
by Álvaro de Vasconcelos
The EUISS Director discusses the ESPAS Report Global Trends 2030: Citizens in an Interconnected and Polycentric World, and identifies the three major global trends shaping the future: the empowerment of individuals; resource scarcity in the context of climate change; the emergence of a more polycentric world. 

Building EU Strategic Thinking
by EUISS Research Fellows
The Research Fellows of the EUISS reflect on developments in their respective areas of expertise, identifying future goals for the EU and explaining how the EUISS can play a key role in achieving them.

ESPAS: building a network of networks for the European Union
by James Elles MEP
Through the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS), the EU can identify long-term trends of subjects of critical importance, and build a global community where all can have a role to play.