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EU-India relations: decoding wordviews & norms

18 April 2024
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Building on the Chaillot Paper titled EU-India Relations - Gaining Strategic Traction? the webinar explored the critical yet often overlooked aspect of EU-India relations: the normative dimension.

The EU and India's worldviews and normative red lines significantly impact how they cooperate. To move forward in their partnership, both actors must understand where each partner is coming from and more importantly, the place they seek to occupy in the shifting international order.

The event brought together authors Kanti Bajpai and Rohan Mukherjee and was moderated by Amaia Sanchez-Cacicedo to address the following:

  • EU and India diverging worldviews: is cooperation possible?
  • EU-India relations at the high table of international politics: status-seeking and norm shaping?

The event was live-streamed on LinkedIn and is available to re-watch on the platform.