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EU-India relations - How to gain strategic traction?

14 March 2024

Building upon the recently published EUISS Chaillot Paper "EU-India Relations - Gaining Strategic Traction?" the seminar delved into key dimensions of EU-India cooperation.

The growing importance of economic security and supply chain resilience has led both sides to pay attention to the strategic dimension of the EU-India relationship. They now need to expand their focus beyond trade and explore the potential for cooperation in connectivity, critical technologies, security, and defence, as well as in climate change and energy.

The bilateral relationship also has a non-material dimension to it, namely the EU’s and India’s respective worldviews and normative red lines. These are very much part of the picture when seeking to gain traction moving forward. Both actors must understand where each partner is coming from and, more importantly, the place they seek to occupy amidst the reshuffling of the international order. The quest for international status and intent to become and/or remain decision-makers vs. decision-takers cannot be underestimated.

The discussion dwelled into existing opportunities while acknowledging differences in outlook across the normative dimension and two critical issue areas for the relationship:

Session 1: normative dimension

Session 2: connectivity, digital and technology 

Session 3: security and defence – maritime focus