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The EU's Security Agenda and the Western Balkans

07 April 2005

The event took place at a very significant moment for Serbia-Montenegro, opening on the same day that EU High Representative Javier Solana secured a new agreement between Serbia and Montenegro to overcome the paralysis in the State Union, and just a few days before the European Commission delivered its positive Feasibility Report, recommending opening negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

Message of welcome delivered by Judy Batt (EUISS) on behalf of EU High Representative for CFSP Javier Solana
Istvan Gyarmati, Centre for Euro Atlantic Integration and Democracy, Budapest
Formal opening of the seminar
Milan Pajevic, Director of the G17 Institute
H.E. Mr. Josep LLoveras, Head of Delegation of the European Commission to Serbia and Montenegro
Session 1: ESDP: What, Why and How?
Jean-Yves Haine, IISS, London
Session 2: ESDP in the Balkans: Principles and Practice
Ambassador Alexis Brouhns, former EU Special Representative in the FYRO Macedonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium
Session 3: EU Enlargement and ESDP
Marcin Zaborowski, EU ISS
Radek Khol, IIR, Prague
Session 4: The EU’s Security Agenda: Wider Horizons
Chair: Judy Batt, EU ISS
Gustav Lindstrom, EU ISS
Dov Lynch, EU ISS Final remarks