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2009 Annual Conference - Managing a post-crisis world

22 October 2009

The EUISS Annual Conference 2009 was structured along four subsets of topics, dealing with the emergence of new opportunities for global governance (1), the evolution of peace-building (2), the challenges on development policies (3), and the future of the European policy of democracy and peace 'by inclusion' (4). All these issues are high on the EU agenda and feature with equal prominence in the renewed engagement with the United States and in the ‘strategic partnerships’ with newer global players and major regional actors or organisations in promoting effective multilateralism. In addition to the opening speech by SG/HR Javier Solana, other speeches were given by Jacques Delors, Marco Aurélio Garcia and Carl Bildt while many well-known experts from around the world took part in the panel discussions in front of an informed audience of officials from ministries and international organisations and experts from think-tanks.