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Designed as short, rapidly-produced and easily-readable publications, Alerts offered succinct responses to the most pressing external challenges facing the Union and/or brief analyses of emerging issues.

  • 01October 2001

    The EU, directly after the attacks on the US on 11 September, stated its solidarity with and willingness to support the US. Consequently, the question that arises is: what concrete changes will take place/are needed in EU security-related policies and instruments in order to realise such support

  • 01October 2001

    Recent terrorist attacks in New York and Washington raise the question whether similar attacks could also take place in Europe. Is the threat of catastrophic terrorism the same for EU members as for the US? Or does it create different zones of security and vulnerability within NATO and the EU?...

  • 27September 2001

    L’énorme cacophonie stratégique qui n’en finit pas d’émerger des ruines du World Trade Center affectera aussi les règles et la dynamique traditionnelles de la construction européenne. Moteurs d’intégration accrue, les attentats du 11 septembre le seront au moins pour trois raisons.

  • 01September 2001

    Il est bien évidemment difficile de tirer des conclusions définitives sur l’impact des attentats du 11 septembre. Toutefois, s’agissant de la PESD, trois séries d’effets sont envisageables, étant entendu qu’ils peuvent être parfois contradictoires entre eux et selon que l’analyse se place sur le court ou le long terme

  • 01September 2001

    What consequences may the terrorist acts of 11 September have for EU enlargement? Will they facilitate it or make it more complicated? And what is likely to be their overall impact on pan-European security?