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  • 30November 2020

    On 30 November 2020, Daniel Fiott was invited to deliver a presentation on EU strategic autonomy and space to the European Parliament’s sub-Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE). Fiott outlined the conclusions of a study he had prepared that calls for the Union to focus on greater space exploration, investment in the space sector and a coherent space-defence strategy. The online presentation in front of parliamentarians was followed by a discussion with representatives from industry and the European Commission.

  • 30November 2020

    On 30 November 2020, Daniel Fiott delivered a panel presentation at the second annual cyber power symposium on hybrid warfare, which was organised online by the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats. This second symposium, organised under the guidance of the Community of Interest on Strategy and Defence, focused on actor analysis, power depiction capabilities and offensive/defensive players in the cyber field.

  • 06November 2020

    The Strategic Dialogue was organised by the EUISS in cooperation with the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security of the Korean National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA).

  • 05November 2020

    Daniel Fiott served as a panel speaker at an expert workshop organised by the European Commission.

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    05November 2020

    Daniel Fiott delivered a presentation on hybrid threats and critical infrastructure protection at an informal meeting of the Horizontal Working Paper on Enhancing Resilience and Countering Hybrid Threats.

  • 15October 2020

    The EUISS and the European Council’s Working Party on Africa (COAFR) held their eighth meeting and first virtual teleconference to discuss Russia in Africa. Members of the European Council’s Working Party on Eastern Europe and Central Asia (COEST) also participated to the discussion.

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    13October 2020

    On 13 October 2020, Daniel Fiott was invited as a guest of honour to the EU's Political and Security Committee (PSC) for a lunchtime debate about Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

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    24September 2020

    Daniel Fiott served as a working group moderator on defence capabilities at a workshop organised by the German Council on Foreign Relations and the German Federal Ministry of Defence

  • 22September 2020

    The workshop 'Debating stability in North Africa, the Sahel and Horn of Africa: How transnational dynamics and geopolitics impact governance and development' took place in the morning of September 22nd in Pisa, Italy and was jointly organised by the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA), the European University Institute (EUI) and the EUISS. 

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    22September 2020

    Daniel Fiott served as a panel speaker at an EU Military Staff 'Concept Development and Experimentation Seminar' focusing on climate change and defence.