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  • Image of panel - © EUISS
    01February 2023

    On 1 February, the EUISS and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) co-organised a roundtable on Türkiye in the world. 

  • Jan Joel Andersson on stage presenting paper © Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU Flicker
    31January 2023

    Jan Joel Andersson presented upcoming research on European defence partnerships at a high-level conference organised by the Swedish Presidency.

  • Image featuring the title of the meeting - © EUISS
    26January 2023

    On 26 January, the EUISS and the Genron NPO, the EU-Japan Strategic Dialogue organised a meeting which brought together experts from both sides to discuss the recent evolution of their respective security frameworks.

  • Gas pipes - © Unsplash
    25January 2023

    On 25 January, Yana Popkostova spoke at a webinar that sought to examine how the EU and its Member States can best deal with the challenges of energy security following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

  • Participants to the seminar sitting around a table with screens © EUISS
    24January 2023

    The Institute and the European External Action Service co-organised an expert seminar to exchange perspectives on geopolitical transformations and their implications for Africa-Europe relations.

  • Abstract photo of colourful circles - Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash
    23January 2023

    The Institute is launching the Countering Foreign Interference project, a multi-million EU-funded project focused on developing EU methodologies and tools to detect, analyse, assess, and based on that prevent, deter and counter threats emerging in the information space.

  • Board with "Welcome" written on it. Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash
    19January 2023

    The Institute is glad to welcome Dr. Salvi as the new Senior Analyst in charge of the cyber and digital portfolio.

  • Image of European Parliament building
    19January 2023

    Senior Analyst Jan Joel Andersson was invited to an exchange of views on the effects of the Russian war in Ukraine on the EU security environment.

  • Participants to the discussion sitting around a meeting table © EUISS
    16January 2023

    On 16 January 2023, the Institute welcomed Dr Marc Lynch to debate on the question "How can Europe make sense of the post-American Middle East?"

  • Mosaic of publication covers © EUISS
    11January 2023

    Strategic Compass, energy crisis, geopolitical competition in Africa and much more: explore the list of our most popular publications last year.