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As part of its mission to find a common security culture for the EU, to help develop and project the CFSP, and to enrich Europe’s strategic debate, the Institute regularly releases publications on the topics and regions at the core of the Union's work.

The Institute’s flagship publication is its series of Chaillot Papers, which are based on focused, in-depth research. The EUISS also publishes a Yearbook (YES), Reports, and shorter Briefs.

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    02December 2021
    This Brief analyses Africa’s biggest resource: its youth. A boom in the continent’s young population is driving rapid population growth. Depending on how future trends play out, this could result in either a demographic dividend or a demographic time-bomb.
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    26November 2021
    Russia has scaled up its presence in Latin America over the last decade. This Brief analyses Russia’s posture in the region and its wider implications for Europe.
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    19November 2021
    Of risk and readiness

    This Chaillot Paper shows that successfully tackling climate change in MENA will depend on decisions taken both in the region and outside. Assisting the Arab world in meeting the challenges posed by climate change will be a matter of strategic importance for Europe.

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    18November 2021
    The Global Future - An Update

    The new report 'The Global Future - An Update' is a mid-term review of the 2019 'Global Trends' report on the trends and challenges facing European decision-makers during the 2019-24 EU policy cycle.

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    27October 2021
    The traditionally secretive and unregulated nature of the art market makes it uniquely exposed to financial crime and the trafficking of cultural artefacts. This Brief examines how organised crime groups take advantage of the inherent opacity of the art market to fund their illicit activities.
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    20October 2021
    The extraterritorial reach of US unilateral sanctions creates both economic and political difficulties for the EU, impinging upon European strategic autonomy. This Brief examines those challenges and explores steps that could be taken to address the situation.
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    11October 2021

    The 2021 Yearbook of European Security provides an overview of events in 2020 that were significant for European security and it charts major developments in the EU’s external action and security and defence policy.

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    06October 2021
    In the past two years the Chinese government, which has long pursued a security-centred approach to data, has been defining its own data governance regime. This Brief aims to shed light on China’s approach to data governance and outlines the challenges that it presents for EU governments and companies, particularly with regard to the risk of data protectionism.
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    29September 2021
    A survey conducted among young people in the Middle East early in 2021 probed how this generation feels about the future. The results belie the perception that young people in the region are pessimistic or fatalistic, instead highlighting a relative optimism, and concerns over issues that they feel will be of particular importance in their future, such as healthcare and political representation.
  • Report
    23September 2021

    This report identifies four trends in cyber capacity building and extrapolates their development to explore four potential scenarios that can inform capacity builders’ strategic decision making.