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South-Eastern Europe task force

08 February 2002

The task force addressed the 'Albanian Question' - Is there one or many? How does it manifest itself? What are its root causes? - and its impact on regional stability and the international community, especially the European Union. It also sought to provide certain policy options for the international community. The meeting was attended by a number of prominent experts from the region and beyond as well as European policymakers.

Session I: What is the Albanian Question? Speakers
Misha Glenny (Writer, Brighton)
Daniel Serwer (Director Balkans Initiative, United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC)

Session II: Perceptions from the Region Speakers
Remzi Lani (Executive Director, Albanian Media Institute, Tirana)
Dusan Janjic (Director, Forum for Ethnic Relations, Belgrade)
Teuta Arifi (Associate Professor, University of St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje)

Session III: Policy Options for the International Community Speakers
Stefan Lehne (Head of Task Force Western Balkans/Central Europe, PPEWU, Secretariat-General of the EU Council, Brussels)
Luc Levy, Balkans Advisor, Policy Planning Staff, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris