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Serbia and Croatia: nationalism resurgent?

01 March 2004

Session 1: Political dynamics: voters, parties and leaders
Nicole Gnesotto (Director, EUISS, Paris)
Pjer Simunovic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zagreb
Ivan Vejvoda, Executive Director; The Balkan Trust for Democracy, Belgrade
Misha Glenny, CsGG - LSE, London

Session 2: Economic problems and prospects
Franz-Lothar Altmann, SWP, Berlin
Gerald Knaus, ESI, Berlin
Wim Van Meurs, CAP, Munich

Session 3: Security issues
Pavle Jankovic, Director, Defence and Security Studies Centre, G17 Institute, Belgrade Mladen Stanicic, Director, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb
Jacques Rupnik, CERI, Paris Session 4: Policy Challenges for the EU
Stefan Lehne, Council of the European Union, Brussels
Judy Batt, EU-ISS, Paris