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Russia: quo vadis?

05 April 2004

Session 1: Russia at the start of Putin’s second presidency
(Russian domestic developments and foreign policy)
Nicole Gnesotto (Director, EUISS, Paris)
Vladimir Baranovsky, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Moscow
Aleksey Pushkov, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow
Marie Mendras, Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales, Paris

Session 2: The Greater Middle East
(Israel-Palestine conflict, Iraq war, Iran, South Caucasus)
Simon Butt, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London
Nadia Arbatova, Russia in a United Europe Institute, Moscow
Vitaly Naumkin, International Centre for Strategic and Political Studies, Moscow
Roy Allison, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London

Session 3: The European Agenda
(EU enlargement, ESDP, NATO, former Soviet Union)
Barbara Jones, Director, Eastern Europe Section, Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin
Dmitry Danilov, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Alexander Rahr, German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin
Dov Lynch (Research Fellow, EUISS, Paris)

Session 4: The International Order
(Strategic Trends in IR)
Hannes Adomeit, Stiftung Wissenchaft und Politik, Berlin
Vladislav Inozemtsev, Center for Postindustrial Studies, Moscow
Andrei Zagorsky, Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, Moscow Final words
Nicole Gnesotto
Stefan Lehne, Secretariat-General of the EU Council, Brussels
Barbara Jones, Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin