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EUISS convenes task force on African Futures 2030

23 July 2019

On 23-24 July 2019, the EUISS convened in Brussels the first, preparatory meeting of a new task force on African Futures 2030. The task force will analyse trends affecting economic, political and social developments in Africa until 2030, with an overarching focus on continental economic integration and key drivers that will affect its implementation, such as climate change, demographics, conflict dynamics, digitalisation.

The group of core partners includes African and European research institutions, under the coordination of the EUISS Senior Analyst for Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Giovanni Faleg. The task force will be formally launched in late 2019 and the final report is expected to be released by the end of 2020. Alongside the analytical work, the task force will organise activities aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and interactions between experts and policy makers. The initiative is part of the EUISS Africa research programme.