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The EU and Russia: a security partnership?

11 September 2002

The seminar focused on the state of EU-Russian security relations within the context of the European strategic landscape after 11 September. It aimed at identifying possible ways to promote a strategic dialogue between the EU and Russia.

Welcome and opening comments
Nicole Gnesotto (EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris)
Roy Allison (The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London)

Session I: The European Strategic Landscape after 11 September

Alexey Pushkov (Anchor, "Postscriptum", Moscow)
Hannes Adomeit (SWP, Berlin)
Marie Mendras (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches internationales, Paris)

Session II: The State of EU-Russia Security Relations Overview

Dmitri Danilov (Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
Valentin Ovsiannikov (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow)
Marc Otte (Task Force ESDP, PPEWU, Secretariat-General of the EU Council, Brussels)

Session III: The Crisis Dimension: Defining Common Interests

Vitaly Naumkin (International Centre for Strategic and Political Studies, Moscow)
Andrei Zagorski (Geneva Center for Security Policy, Geneva)
Dov Vincent Lynch (Department of War Studies, King's College, London)

Session IV: Future Policy Options: Towards a Strategic Partnership?

Vladimir Baranovsky (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Moscow)
Charles Grant (Centre for European Reform, London)
Nicole Gnesotto (EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris)