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Developing a European security perspective on China

03 March 2006

The seminar addressed the four following questions: definition of the EU's interests in the Far-East; the security perception of China as a potential threat to the EU's interests; the issue of the arms embargo; and the development of the EU's China strategy. The conference was attended by experts on China, think-tankers, EU officials and officials from member states.

Introduction: Nicole Gnesotto, Director, EUISS

Session I: What are the EU's interests in the Far East?
Nicole Gnesotto, EUISS
Tomasz Kozlowski, Council of the European Union, Brussels
François Godement, Asia Centre, Paris

Session II: Is China a potential security threat to the EU?
Marcin Zaborowski, EUISS
Michael Yahuda, London School of Economics, London
Niklas Swanström, Uppsala University, Uppsala

Session III: Arms embargo
Giovanni Grevi, EUISS
Valérie Niquet, Centre Asie IFRI, Paris
Frank Umbach, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik, Berlin

Session IV: Towards EU's China Strategy
Dov Lynch, EUISS
Antonio Tanca, Council of the European Union, Brussels
Marta DassÙ, Aspen Institute Italia, Rome
Eija Limnell, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki