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Reviewing Conflict & Post-Conflict Management in Africa

27 June 2007

Opening Remarks: Nicole Gnesotto, Director, EUISS
Session I: International interventions in conflict situations: supporting existing governance?
Chair: Nicole Gnesotto, EUISS
Stephen Ellis, University of Leiden
Klaus Schlichte, Humboldt Universität
Session II: Economic governance & conflict dynamics: a sidelined issue?
Chair: Suliman Baldo, ICG
Christopher Cramer, SOAS
Pierre-Antoine Braud, EUISS
Session III: Addressing multi-pronged conflicts: the cases of DRC and Sudan
Chair: Pierre-Antoine Braud, EUISS
Lena Sundh, Former DSRSG of MONUC, Ambassador of Sweden for Conflict Management
Koen Vervaeke, Unité Politique, Chef Task Force Afrique, Conseil UE
Christian Manahl, Political Adviser of the EUSR for Sudan
Concluding Remarks
Chair: Nicole Gnesotto, EUISS
Georg Lennkh, Special Envoy for Africa - Austrian Presidency of EU