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The Institute's quarterly newsletter No.34

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In this ISSue:

The case for conflict prevention
by Álvaro de Vasconcelos
Concentrating on conflict prevention is a task well suited to the EU. Its soft power tools, used coherently and consistently, can do well to prevent global conflict and war.

The EU and the Middle East: non-stick diplomacy
by Anton La Guardia
Europe can offer to the peace talks what the US cannot: incentives for peace, rather than penalties for a lack of it. The author suggests that the EU should set out a European ‘roadmap’ for peace.

East Asia: time to step up the EU’s political presence
by Nicola Casarini
Tensions between the Koreas are threatening the EU’s economic interests: East Asia generates more than a quarter of the EU’s trade with the world. The EU should step up its political presence in the region.