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Imagine Africa series

05 July 2021
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A follow-up from the EUISS African Futures 2030: free trade, peace and prosperity  Chaillot Paper (March 2021), the Imagine Africa series explores potential futures for Africa using strategic foresight scenarios on selected priority areas for Africa-Europe cooperation. The goal is to support policy planning and a stronger partnership between the two continents.

The first cycle of the series (2021-2022), was dedicated to the broad theme of “people-centred development”. Scenarios produced by African experts looked at areas such as civic engagement, youth and gender empowerment, social inclusion, sustainable economic growth, and the fight against inequality.

The Imagine Africa Series of policy briefs uses a strategic foresight methodology. Therefore, the briefs provide situational awareness, alert to challenges, show avenues for possibilities, highlight opportunities, and bring overlooked links and issues to light.

The aim of this initiative was to provide a platform for African voices to be heard in Europe and shape cooperation between Africa and the EU. The Imagine Africa series also sought to foster knowledge exchange between experts and policymakers from the two continents and provide policy-makers with instruments to reduce uncertainty and make wise and innovative policy decisions.

The series is coordinated by Dr Giovanni Faleg, EUISS Senior Analyst. The fifth and final brief in the series was published in November 2022.

Full list of policy briefs published under the series: