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The EU and North Africa

Lost in recalibration
02 October 2023
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This Chaillot Paper analyses the EU’s relations with five North African countries – Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. In particular it focuses on how the fallout of the war in Ukraine as well as the ongoing migration crisis have affected relations. The volume addresses some of the perceived shortfalls in the current EU strategy towards these countries and identifies future areas of both tension and cooperation.

The five country-specific chapters examine the EU approach to each individual country and provide a range of policy recommendations for the EU’s foreign policy in North Africa. One aspect on which the authors agree is the need for the EU to pay more attention to its southern neighbourhood as its influence has diminished considerably in the region.

The different chapters and perspectives presented in this Chaillot Paper provide EU decision-makers with insights and recommendations for designing a better approach to the bloc’s southern neighbourhood, one that will enable Europe to regain its influence in this critical region.