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Enlarging Europe: CFSP perspectives. 21-22 May 2001

21 May 2001

Day 1
Session I:
The enlargement of the EU: strategic perspectives

Session Ia: The enlargement of CFSP/ESDP Chair: Nicole Gnesotto (Director, WEU Institute for Security Studies, Paris) Speakers:
Petros Mavromichalis (EC, Enlargement DG, Brussels)
Jan Zielonka (EUI, Florence)
Anne Ehrenreich (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen) Session Ib: The applicants’ perspectives on CFSP/ESDP Chair: Andres Kasekamp (Director, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Tallinn) Speakers:
Heather Grabbe (CER, London)
Aleksander Gerzina (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ljubljana)
Vesselin Valkanov (Bulgarian Mission to the EU, Brussels) Session II: The EU and NATO as security communities

Session IIa: NATO enlargement – prospects and implications Chair: Radek Khol (Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations, Prague) Speakers:
William Hopkinson (RUSI, London and WEU, Paris)
Sergei Medvedev (George C. Marshall Centre, Garmisch)
Gediminas Vitkus (University of Vilnius) Session IIb: CFSP/ESDP for an enlarged Union Chair: Nicole Gnesotto (Director, WEU Institute for Security Studies, Paris) Speakers:
Christoph Heusgen (EU Policy Unit, Brussels)
Sophia Clément (Ministry of Defence, Paris)
Rafal Trzaskowski (Political Cabinet of the Secretary of State for European Integration, Warsaw) Dinner: Key-note speech given by H.E. Mr. Anders Bjurner (Chairman of the EU PSC, Brussels) Day 2 Session III: Ever wider, ever closer?

Session IIIa: The two enlargements – influences and interactions Chair: Duygu Bazoglu-Sezer (Professor of International Relations, Ankara) Speakers:
Antonio Missiroli (WEU Institute for Security Studies, Paris)
Radu Musetescu (EURISC, Bucharest)
Mathias Jopp (IEP, Berlin) Session IIIb: CFSP’s variable geography – and geometry? Chair: Nicole Gnesotto (Director, WEU Institute for Security Studies) Speakers:
Andrew Cottey (University of Bradford and University of Cork)
Françoise de la Serre (CERI, Paris)
Pàl Dunay (GCSP, Geneva)