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Challenges in missile non-proliferation - multilateral approaches

30 May 2007

On 30 May 2007, the EUISS organised an international conference with the German Presidency and the Council of the European Union. Held in Vienna, it analysed challenges in missile proliferation - focusing on the Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation (HCoC). Participants examined ways to promote the universality and implementation of the HCoC as well as means to enhance transparency and confidence building measures. Approximately one hundred participants attended the conference, including experts and government officials from the EU, the United States, Russia, Middle East and Asia.

The day was organised as follows:

1st Plenary Session:
Challenges in missile non-proliferation: an assessment and prospects for multilateral solutions — 1st Working Session: The role of transparency and confidence-building measures: bilateral and multilateral approaches — 2nd Working Session: How to make the Hague Code of Conduct more relevant? Universality, implementation or further development? 2nd Plenary Session: