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CFSP and energy security

23 October 2006

Welcome and opening remarks: Nicole Gnesotto, Director, EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris

Session I: The EU strategy on energy security
Nicole Gnesotto, EUISS, Paris
Lars-Erik Lundin, European Commission, Brussels
Sean O'Regan, Council of the EU, Brussels
Christophe Alexandre Paillard, ministère de la Défense, Paris

Session II: The contribution of CFSP and ESDP to energy security
Giovanni Grevi, EUISS, Paris
John Mitchell, Chatham House (RIIA), London
Dariusz Serowka, Ministry of Economy, Warsaw
Steven Everts, Council of the EU, Brussels

Session III: The energy strategies of Russia, China and the US — Implications for Europe
Marcin Zaborowski, EUISS, Paris
Enno Harks, SWP, Berlin
Philip Andrews-Speed, CEPMLP, Dundee
Leonard L. Coburn, LLC, Washington D.C.

Session IV: Challenges and opportunities for the future
Sean O'Regan, Policy Unit, Council of the EU, Brussels
Hideshi Emoto, IEA, Paris
Olivier Ricard, TOTAL, Brussels
Alyson Bailes, SIPRI, Stockholm

Concluding remarks: Nicole Gnesotto, EUISS, Paris