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Towards a Strategic Compass: Where is the EU heading on security and defence?

18 December 2020
A compass

Over the past four years, much has been said and written about the EU as a security and defence actor. New and old concepts have been given life and renewed meaning as the EU has developed a range of initiatives designed to enhance its ability to act in a geopolitically intense world. For all of the energy put into these initiatives, however, fundamental questions continue to face the EU as it strives to ensure that it can be taken as a credible defence actor and partner. 

Enter the Strategic Compass and its promise to bring clarity to the threats the EU should respond to, detail what actions the Union should prepare for and what means it requires to meet these objectives. Given the turbulence of the past few years and the strategic challenges confronting the EU, the Compass arrives at an opportune time but getting the content right is essential for the future of EU security and defence.

This virtual seminar was organised to inform the Strategic Compass process. Working closely with DGRIS at the French Ministry of Armed Forces, past, present and future Presidencies of the Council of the EU and the European External Action Service, this event brought together approximately 50 senior decision-makers and think tank representatives for an in-depth discussion on the Strategic Compass.