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Strategy matters – EU key documents

29 August 2014
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Earlier this year, the EUISS published a small compendium of official documents entitled Defence Matters. The aim was to make available in a single, pocket-sized publication the key documents recently produced by the EU on the subject.  Yet, whereas ‘defence’ became a focus of policy attention throughout 2013 (admittedly, after a long hiatus), ‘strategy’ covers a much broader domain, linked as it is to an approach to (rather than a specific area of) policy. Similarly, the spectrum of documents from which to select is much wider and more extensive – as is the relevant time frame. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate here to offer the busy expert on the go a limited selection of the main types of ‘strategic’ documents released by the EU in order to highlight the developments that have occurred in this domain over the past few years while offering (in the annex) a comprehensive survey of other relevant EU ‘strategies’