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The old and the new

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It’s a fait accompli. As from 1 January the Institute has become the European Union Institute for Security Studies. Having devoted the last quarter of 2001 to negotiations on a whole corpus of legal, administrative, social and financial provisions, the Institute is once again operational as an autonomous agency of the Union, financed by the fifteen Member States but still completely independent in the choice of issues it works on and its output. The Institute is being transformed: a new team of researchers is in the process of being recruited. We are rethinking all of our working methods, both at the Institute itself and where they concern our external partners – Javier Solana and the Political and Security Committee of course, the Union’s various institutions, and all the national security and defence institutes that will continue to be the Institute’s chosen associates. These reforms concern in the first place most of the things that underpin the Institute’s activities: the publications system, the computer network, our database, a new website and a redefinition of the tasks of each member of the Institute.


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