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Achieving EU energy security in light of the new 2030 climate/energy goals

10 April 2014

As Europeans confronted the recent disturbances in Ukraine and Russia, and pondered their implications in the energy field, the EUISS hosted a seminar on European energy security on Thursday 10 April in Brussels. The seminar gathered leading energy experts, highlighted by keynote speaker Albert Bressand, for a free exchange of ideas on the energy security dimension of EU energy policy. There was a particular focus on the international aspects of EU energy security in light of the new 2030 EU climate/energy goals and the re-emergence of short-term gas supply worries. The seminar also marked the release of a major report by the EUISS, Energy moves and power shifts: EU foreign policy and global energy security, written as part of the work of a task force involving high-level policy makers from EU institutions. The report assesses EU energy security, focusing on international action – including diplomacy, trade policy or development policy – and formulates policy priorities for the future.