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Turning the tide: how to rescue transatlantic relations

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The transatlantic partnership is in crisis (again!). Structural factors, toxic political rhetoric and malign foreign influence are in danger of pushing the two sides of the Atlantic even further apart. A sustained effort to rescue the transatlantic relationship is needed, but how can the transatlantic partners reaffirm the strength and endurance of their strategic bond? And where to begin? 

This book offers an overarching view of the major factors, trends and areas that are likely to shape transatlantic relations as the 2020s unfold. Rather than focus on how to defuse transatlantic disagreements over politically sensitive issues such as relations with China, Russia and Iran, this volume explores less researched, but equally consequential aspects of the transatlantic partnership. These include the cultural, military, security and democratic foundations of transatlantic relations, as well as the new geographical and thematic horizons for the strategic partnership and the new forums and formats for transatlantic cooperation. Collectively, they could create new space for dialogue, compromise and cooperation and provide a strong basis for reviving the transatlantic partnership.

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