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Transatlantic Conference: new Bush - new EU - new issues

08 July 2005

Although the transatlantic relationship has been dogged by differences over the war in Iraq, and, more recently, by disagreements over the embargo on arms exports to China and divergences in policy towards the Middle East, significant efforts to facilitate a rapprochement have now emerged. It is not insignificant that already during his second term, President Bush has made 3 trips to Europe and has become the first US President to officially visit the EU. On 8 July, the EUISS held an event, which appraised EU-US co-operation since the re-election of President Bush. Entitled 'New Bush - New EU - New Ideas', this conference involved a wide spectrum of opinion from both sides of the Atlantic, with European experts and members of both the EU and US administrations. Four key issues were assessed: multilateralism; Russia; Asia; and the wider overlap of interests and agendas between the EU and US.