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Nonviolent resistance movements In Africa: fifth EUISS-COAFR Meeting

19 November 2019

On 19 November, the EUISS and the Africa Working Party of the Council of the EU (COAFR) jointly organised the fifth informal meeting on sub-Saharan Africa in Brussels.

The inormal meeting looked at mass nonviolent resistance movements in Africa and their impact on political transitions. Dr Mustasilta (EUISS) gave a reading of overall trends, dynamics and drivers, explaining why nonviolent resistance movements are generally more successful than armed movements in inducing regime change and give rise to democratic transitions, but some of them are followed by an authoritarian backlash. Against this backdrop, Dr Mustasilta outlined prospects for the post-al-Bashir transitional phase in Sudan, as well as lessons for other African countries.

EUISS-COAFR meetings are coordinated and chaired by EUISS Senior Analyst Giovanni Faleg.