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Giovanni Faleg at webinar on the impact of the war in Ukraine on Africa-Europe relations

04 October 2022
Bridge by waterfalls. Photo by James Forbes on Unsplash

On 4 October, Giovanni Faleg participated in a webinar organised by Amani Africa, the Institute of Security Studies, the Institute for Peace and Security Studies and the European Centre for Development Policy Management on the topic “Can the Ukraine conflict build bridges between Africa and Europe?”.

Dr Faleg examined why and how the multipolar system is testing the relations between Africa and Europe, particularly after the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He emphasised that despite the difficult geopolitical context and divergent responses to the war, it is paramount for the African Union and the European Union to harness opportunities arising from the crisis and uphold multilateralism.

He suggested the partnership to focus on two priorities:

  • A people-centred approach, for instance promoting regular mobility between the two continents, addressing food insecurity, investing in education programmes, cooperation in science, technology and skills development that can sustain the green and digital transitions.
  • Support to Africa’s continental trade and economic integration, and related infrastructure development, so as to decrease African countries vulnerability to shocks, increase societal resilience, foster African agency and provide better opportunities for the African citizens.