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Giovanni Faleg speaks at seminar on African security and strategies

14 April 2023
Map of Africa - © Unsplash

On 14 April, Giovanni Faleg delivered a presentation on EU strategies towards Africa at the seminar “African Security: Agency, Strategies, Perspectives”, organised by the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

Drawing from the African Strategies and African Spaces Chaillot Papers, Dr Faleg focused on the evolution of EU and Member States' strategic approaches and narratives towards Africa, in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He argued that while the EU has overall lost presence, influence and power in the continent due to intensifying geopolitical competition, the situation presents opportunities for renewed engagement with African countries and societies.

Dr Faleg also stressed the need to better use strategic communication to protect EU interests in the battle of narratives that emerged in the continent, referring to the newly launched EUISS project on “Countering Foreign Interference”. 

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