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EUISS Task Force on restrictive measures related to malicious activities in cyberspace

22 October 2018

The European Union Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox mentions the possibility of adopting restrictive measures against actors engaged in malicious cyber activities against interests of the EU and its member states. Furthermore, the European Council Conclusions of 18 October 2018 called for the measures to combat cyber and cyber-enabled illegal and malicious activities and build strong cyber security, including by deterring cyber-attacks through EU restrictive measures.

In an effort to support this process with an independent analysis and identification of lessons from other restrictive measures regimes, the EUISS has launched a Task Force that will focus on the following objectives:

1) Mapping and comparative analysis of sanction regimes developed to date by other countries and organisations

2) Defining the scope and elements of a potential EU sanctions regime.

3) Defining the ‘effectiveness’ of restrictive measures in cyberspace.

To this end, the EUISS will organise workshops and meetings between November 2018 and April 2019. The Task Force will be chaired by Patryk Pawlak (EUISS) and Thomas Biersteker (The Graduate Institute).