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EUISS foresight podcast – Russia miniseries

11 December 2020

This miniseries of the EUISS foresight podcast explores the future of Russian domestic and foreign policy.  

1) What if...Russian society drifts apart?

In this episode, Sinikukka Saari and Stanislav Secrieru explain to Florence Gaub why there is a danger that Russia may become divided into four Russias: differentiated in economic but also geographic terms - and what this means for the future.

2) What if...Russia becomes 'the Singapore of steel'?

In this episode, Janis Kluge (SWP) takes Florence Gaub to a future where Russia has reformed its economy with spectacular success. What would have to happen for this to come true, what would it mean - and what stands in the way of this being achievable?

3) What if...Russia expands its influence in Belarus?

In this last episode of the Russia miniseries, Florence Gaub discusses with Andrew Wilson (ECFR) the future trajectory of a Belarus very much under the influence of Russia. How far might Russia go - and how much wiggle room is there for Belarus?