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EUISS contributes to 4th edition of the CSDP Handbook

10 May 2021

The EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) is pleased to have contributed to the 4th edition of the Handbook on CSDP, which was produced by the Federal Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Austria in cooperation with the European Security and Defence College. The handbook, edited by Dr Jochen Rehrl, offers insight into the CSDP’s development, the key actors and institutions, missions and operations, security challenges and much more.

Dr Gustav Lindstrom, Director of the EUISS, contributed a chapter on the history and development of the CSDP and the role of the EUISS. Dr Daniel Fiott, Security and Defence Editor at the EUISS, contributed a chapter on the digitalisation of defence. The Handbook was presented to HR/VP Borrell on 6 May 2021 by the Austrian Defence Minister, Klaudia Tanner.

Handbook on CSDP - The Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union

Photo: ©Austrian MOD / Arnold Kammel, 2021