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Daniel Fiott discusses EU-US defence markets at the European Parliament

26 January 2022

On 26 January 2022, Daniel Fiott - Security and Defence Editor at the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) - was invited to present his views on EU-US defence markets and exports to the Sub-Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE) at the European Parliament. Daniel highlighted the challenges of EU-US defence industrial cooperation and discussed how these might be resolved by the forthcoming EU-US Defence Dialogue.

Drawing on his policy brief ‘The Poison Pill: EU Defence on US Terms?’, Daniel pointed to the defence trade imbalance and provided evidence for how closed the US defence market is to EU producers. Daniel followed presentations by the Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Stefano Sannino, and Director General of the EU Military Staff, Vice-Admiral Hervé Bléjean.

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Photo: © European Parliament