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The Agenda for the EU-US strategic partnership

13 October 2011
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Nothing is more imperative for EU foreign policy than defining a common agenda with the US. Regrettably, in recent times transatlantic relations have all too often been marred by ideological divergences that are largely a legacy of the Cold War era. Such dissensions are clearly dysfunctional in today’s multipolar world, which calls for a concerted effort to build broader coalitions that transcend ideological divides.

This volume brings together contributions based on reports originally presented at the 2010 EU Washington Forum, where the EUISS sought to define a transatlantic agenda around four major internal and external challenges facing both Europe and the United States. The four main chapters focus specifically on Europe’s ‘unfinished business’ in the Western Balkans and the eastern neighbourhood, the Middle East, transatlantic cooperation on the economy and nuclear non-proliferation.

In order to respond effectively to these pressing challenges, both the EU and the US need to demonstrate their joint commitment to forging a common policy agenda. For this, it is essential not only that they put past differences behind them but also that Europe overcomes its inner divisions and projects itself as a more cohesive actor in world affairs.